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Automobile Influenced, Technology Infused, Racing Inspired

Definition of Luna-C: Insanity with periods of clear mindedness

Luna-C is unique.  We are an automobile influenced, technology infused, racing Inspired clothing company. Our talented team takes cues from cars to inspire and create beautiful designs, utilizing carbon fiber, metal, leather, etc. We combine these elements with the latest fabric technology to create truly distinct garments.

We produce custom apparel for car manufacturers, race teams, and automobile related companies, as well as our own Luna-C Collection.  We hold apparel licenses for several major companies; designing, producing, marketing, and selling on both wholesale and retail levels.  Our products are available online and in various retail outlets.

We understand and share a passion for cars, racing and style. We get it. We’re uniquely qualified because we live the life…the racing lifestyle, and we understand the car culture.  The founder of Luna-C is Lee Davis, a gentleman racing driver, and our EVP, David Rose, is a gentleman driver as well. We’re authentic, and our clothing often reflects our love of Motorsports. 

Technology is a critical component in automobiles, and is equally important to our brand. We’ve developed strategic relationships in the textile industry that have granted us access to the latest in fabric technology. Our creative team produces designs that are not only stylish, but innovative and functional.  

Any driver will tell you that racing is a team effort. The same goes for building a clothing company. We’ve assembled a team of talented professionals who’ve been associated with some of the world’s top brands. From creating high end designer sportswear to developing styles for Formula One teams, the diversity of experience is extensive. This dedicated team ensures that Luna-C’s pipeline will be filled with quality, innovative products, and will provide our customers with choices unlike any others on the market today. 

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